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2023 Public Safety Foundation Highlights

Ukiah, CA – December 31, 2023: The past year has been a productive one for the Public Safety Foundation. Our focus on supporting law enforcement in Mendocino County has been ongoing, seeking new ways to assist with recruitment and other needs.

The website was modernized, migrating to this new platform for ease of use, with links to FaceBook for better outreach, and more ways to accept charitable, tax-exempt donations.

A post-Covid reboot of the Safe Kids HERO training program was successful, completing year two of our three-year pilot with trainings in Point Arena and Leggett school districts. This age-appropriate curriculum was brought to Mendocino County by the Public Safety Foundation. An interview with founder Adam Coughran was broadcast on KZYX community radio's Inside Education in September, detailing this innovative method of empowering students to protect themselves from violent threats. Learn more at

New technology also was investigated for comprehensive school safety infrastructure and networking with law enforcement. Learn more at

The Mendocino County Law Enforcement Excellence Program was initiated to recognize and publicize quarterly the best work of local officers in the Sheriff's and Police departments. Stay tuned for announcements in the year ahead.

At year end, we established the Caring Closet to supply local law enforcement officers with non-perishable items for their distribution to meet immediate needs encountered in homes, such as food and diapers. The Foundation donates start-up funds and accepts community support of this project, with 100% of donations going directly to the Caring Closet.

Finally, in changes to the Board of Directors, Janet Orth's resignation after 12 years serving as a founding member, Vice President and Secretary was accepted, and Mary Chadwick was appointed and welcomed as a new member.

Many thanks to all who have supported these efforts and best wishes for 2024. Cheers!

Board members and ex-officio advisors working together in a hybrid teleconference meeting in 2023

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